I'm Marten, a young sound engineer with a rolling recording studio.

I wanted to bring the European Continent a little closer together just with an old rusty van and a bunch of microphones. The ideas was to find the best street musicians from all around Europe, record their music, and share their stories with the world. 2 years and 25 countries later it is finally done. A Collection of Europe’s Pavement Melodies. Released as vinyl, book, and full length documentary movie.

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I've traveled thousands of kilometres to record incredible street artists.




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Street Musicians

2 years later, I present: A Collection of Europe's Pavement Melodies

An album with street musicians from 25 countries, that mostly play original music and that are still totally of the radar of the music industry, is a very powerful message for this world.

It shows us that we don’t have to only look at big stages and TV shows to find incredible artists, and it shows us that sometimes “imperfection” is the only ingredient missing in order to make something “perfect”.

So let’s bring this album to life and connect an entire continent through music so pure and rough, we may have ignored a thousand times before.

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I've also captured the whole story of Europe's street artists on film.

  • Runtime: 2 hours

  • Genre: Documentary

I didn’t have a script when I first began my journey I simply taped everything I found interesting.

Only after having filmed every recording session, dozens of interviews, landscape sceneries, road trip diaries, ups and downs, serious and stupid moments I decided to turn this experience into a full length 2 hour documentary style movie.

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Join me in helping unknown talented street artists get discovered.